Ms. Gerry Killarney



"In the end, children succeed because somewhere along the way, a parent or teacher instills in them the belief that they can. That they're able to. That they're worth it."

President Barack Obama

October 25, 2005
Teaching Our Kids in a 21st Century Economy


 The Program.......

 Literacy is taught to both seventh and eighth grade students in Room 221, a Resource Room Literacy class.  Literacy is the ability to communicate our thoughts and ideas in written form. In our world today, we need to be able to listen, speak, read and write clearly in order to succeed at any job.  


Our middle level learners in the resource rooms are exposed to a variety of types, or genres, of reading and writing. Looping with the students- that is teaching a group of students in seventh and then again in eighth grade, provides the opportunity to identify and then remediate the specific strengths and weaknesses of  the students in the program.   That collection of goals can be acessed by visiting MSAD 49 Special Education LA Curriculum.doc .  This is a general guide; students focus more time on those areas that require more intense study. The curriculum is based on the Common Core of Learning English Language Arts Standards, those skills that have been determined to be essential to success in all academic areas.  Those Common Core Standards  essential to Literacy can be viewed by connecting to: The Common Core Standards web site. 


In Class.....

Students  work on basic reading skills in order to develop understanding, or comprehension of written materials. Learners read a variety of  Literature which is appropriate for their reading level and interesting to students at the middle school age.  Seventh graders spend a quarter each reading realistic fiction, science fiction, classics, poetry, and biographies.  Eighth graders read autobiography, historical fiction, children's literature, and books of their choice.


The English and Spelling programs mirror the Literature program.  Seventh graders write research  reports when they read biographies and science fiction and write a fictional story as they read fiction.  Eighth graders write their own memoirs during the autobiography unit,  write poetry as they read poetry, and practice writing book reports during the free choice reading.

Instruction is planned based on Middle School Philisophy.  Ms. Killarney's core beliefs are those presented by the National Middle School Association.  To see the core beliefs visit.....Middle School Philisophy.doc    and to learn more about the best practices for teaching middle schoolers



About Ms. Gerry Killarney....

Ms. Killarney has  been teaching in the Resource Room at Lawrence Junior High School for the past several years.  She previously taught at Benton Elementary and was a Speech Pathologist in Madawaska and Frenchville, ME.  She has  taught university level courses to students in the teacher education program at The University of Maine in Fort Kent. 

She graduated from Boston College with a BA degree in Elementary Education and Speech Science. She received a Masters Degree from Utah State University.  Ms. Killarney is an lifelong learner, taking coursework regularly in various topics in the field of education from School Law to Middle Level curriculum.

Ms. Killarney also coaches the 7th grade Girl's Soccer Team and is the Spring Track Assistant Coach

She loves teaching, reading,  and spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren.

To reach Ms. Killarney, call the junior high school  at 453-4200 and dial extension 2363.  The best way to  contact her is to email at

Students can acess  course information and assignments by visiting: ,  signing in to their moodle account and  then completing assignments on moodle or on google docs.

About Mr. Burkhart.......

Mr. Burkhart assists Ms. Killarney in the Resource Room and assists students with work in their content area classes as well.   He currently serves on the Student Assistance Team whihc is being designed to help all students succeed in school.

He enjoys reading biographies and WWII books and is an avid Red Sox fan.  Come and visit his Red Sox collection in the classroom sometime.

Mr. Burkhart coaches 7th grade Boys Soccer and Basketball and 8th grade Boys Baseball.