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Mar 12-Owls of Maine-Session 1- 8:45-9:45-Gower, Salley Session 2-10:00-11:00-J. Leary, Session 3- 12:15-1:15-Damon, B. Leary( In the Gym)

Mar 18-Spring Pictures

Mar 19-Planetarium-8:45-9:45 Gower, 9:50-10:50 Salley, 12:15-1:15 J. Leary, 1:20-2:20 B. Leary

Mar 20-Planetarium-1:20-2:20-Damon

Mar 21-Pioneer Living-Clinton 9:15-10:00- Gower, Salley, J. Leary, 1:15-2:00-B. Leary, Damon

Mar 27-Waterville Opera House-Stuart Little-Dep-9:00, Ret-10:30

Apr 2-Dinosaur workshops-10:00-11:00-J. Leary, 12:10-1:10-Gower, 1:20-2:20-Salley

Apr 4-Dinosaur workshops-12:10-1:10-B. Leary, 1:20-2:20-Damon

Apr 17-Parent Teacher conference K-6

Apr 18- Parent Teacher conference K-6 No School

Apr 21-25-Spring Break No School

Apr 28-K- Registration-No School for Kindergarten

May 5-Parent Visitation-9:30-10:30, 12:30-1:30

May 22-Kindergarten Spring Concert-12:30 Williamson Center

May 23-Kindergarten Writing Prompt Scoring Day-No School for Kindergarten

May 26-Memorial Day-No School

May 28-LC Bates Pond Trip Leave 9:15 return 10:40- Salley, Gower, Leave 12:15 return 1:40- Damon, Leary, Leary