Summer 2020 Principal's Summer Challenge


A Message from your Counselor

First Grade Resources

Incoming First Grade Summer Skills Practice

G Davis Schedule

D Merciers Schedule

S Poulin Schedule

H Taylor Schedule

M Trussell Schedule

Second Grade Resources

Second Grade Summer Skills Resources

S Bickford Schedule

E Hachey Schedule

T Hillier Schedule

C Reese Schedule

S Walston Schedule

Third Grade Resources

Third Grade Summer Skill Resources

C Bridges Schedule

T Kanaris Schedule

L Kenny-Day Schedule

B West Schedule

A Wheeler Schedule

Fourth Grade Resources

Incoming 4th Grade Summer Skills Practice

N Dyer Schedule

K Hatch Schedule

N Sutherland Schedule

J Turner Schedule

K Whited Schedule

Fifth Grade Resources

Grade 5 Summer Skills Practice for incoming 5th Graders

K Burkhart Schedule

R Carpenter Schedule

M Chenevert Schedule

K Goodrich Schedule

T Therrien Schedule

Sixth Grade Resources

S Grimaldi Schedule

C Marcoux Schedule

K Paisley-Hopper Schedule

S Stevens Schedule

L Whiting Schedule

Speech and Language Resources All Grades

A Cates Speech and Language

C Towle Speech and Language

L Wing Speech and Language

Functional Life Skills (FLS) All Grades

Resource Room

V Bessey Resource Room Resources Grade 6

Mrs. Carter's Resource Room Resources

C Leighton Resource Room Grades 1-3

D Wren Resource Room Resources

Specialist Online Resource Schedule

J Dangler Physical Education

L Hamlin Computer



Art Activities All Grades

A Delorie Library

S Riddle Behavior Skills

Occupational Therapy Activities

D Pizzo Physical Therapy Resources


A Message from your Counselor

Title I Literacy

C Crothers Title I Literacy

D Pratt Title I Literacy

S Rogers Title I for Office Hours

L Roy Title I Literacy

Coronovirus Resources for Literacy Students

D Ballard Title I Math

A Flye Positive Learning Support

C Picard Positive Learning Support

ELL Students Remote Learning Resources

MSAD 49 COVID 19 Nurse Letter

ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, Reading IQ Pre-K to 8th Grade

Astronomy From Home