Vision 2022: A Transformation Into High Performing Schools

Maine School Administrative District 49


Strategic Planning is a process for creating an organization’s preferred future. It is a planning process for organizational renewal and transformation that provides a framework for improving programs, management functions, and evaluation of an organization’s progress.

Strategic planning helps organizations think and act strategically, develop effective strategies, clarify future directions, establish priorities, improve organizational performance, build teamwork and expertise, and deal effectively with a rapidly changing environment. The strategic planning process involves a series of steps that move an organization through:

  • understanding relevant external trends and their implications;
  • assessing organizational capacity to manage external change and improve;
  • developing a mission, and guiding principles;
  • establishing goals, objectives, and action plans designed to move the organization to where it wants to be;
  • setting a strategic direction to follow to achieve its mission and goals;
  • communicating its mission, guiding principles, and goals/objectives to all stakeholder groups;
  • implementing the action plans it has developed; and
  • monitoring progress, solving problems and renewing action plans.

Maine School Administrative District 49 will implement strategic planning to effectively deal with change in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner by establishing a common purpose, a sense of direction, priorities for change, and a blueprint for action. This plan presents an analysis of the Maine School Administrative District 49’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats anticipated by current trends and changing conditions.

Our Consultancy with the The New England School Development Council, NESDEC

The New England School Development Council, NESDEC, is a private, not-for-profit educational organization with approximately 300 school districts as affiliates.The NESDEC's primary focus is in the areas of:

  • Planning and Management
  • Executive Searches
  • Professional Development
  • Legal Services
  • Research and Development
  • Publications

Originally established at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, NESDEC, now a stand-alone, not-for-profit corporation, has been serving New England school districts since 1946. NESDEC currently utilizes the expertise of over twenty former school administrators, as well as numerous educational workshop providers in its effort to provide the most current and effective resources to its affiliates.

NESDEC is committed to its mission of helping schools and school districts become high-performance organizations through:

  • valuable planning tools and beneficial information needed to make informed management and facilities planning decisions
  • assistance to school boards in recruiting and selecting the very best leaders for their communities
  • superior professional development programs for all staff (teachers, administrators, support staff)
  • continuous research into current and relevant educational issues

Our Strategic Leadership Team:

  • Dr. Reza Namin
  • Roberta Hersom
  • Tara Thompson
  • Lori Lee
  • Tim Alberts
  • Sandra Poulin
  • Buffy Higgins

Steps in the MSAD 49 Strategic Planning Process

  • Leadership Team Identified.
  • NESDEC Systemic Planning Survey.
  • Stakeholder Needs Assessment Document Survey reviewed.
  • Strategic Planning Leadership Team Roles Established . Possible roles to be determined.
  • Review of Focused Planning Questionnaire content.
  • Review and determine Stakeholder Groups who will participate in the Survey.
  • Review and approval of Strategic Planning Project timeline.
  • Analyze Focused Planning Questionnaire Results Summary developed by NESDEC
  • With NESDEC’s assistance, development of Comprehensive Planning Input Memorandum (CPIM) which utilizes the Profile of the Present State of the District and the Stakeholder Needs Assessment to identify the school district’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.
  • The Superintendent and the Strategic Planning Leadership Team will utilize the information gained from the completed CPIM to update the Mission, Vision and Goal Statement Drafts.
  • Profile of the Present State of the District developed by NESDEC in conjunction with the Superintendent and reviewed by the Strategic Planning Leadership Team.
  • Stakeholder Needs Assessment Survey .
  • Stakeholder Needs Assessment Survey results available.
  • Comprehensive Planning Input Memorandum (CPIM) developed by Strategic Planning Leadership Team with NESDEC’s assistance.
  • With NESDEC’s assistance, using the CPIM as a guide, the Superintendent and the Strategic Planning Leadership Team will develop working drafts of the Vision, Mission and Goal statements (April 30 Target Date)
  • Mission, Vision and Goal statements will be submitted to the School Board. For Approval by the School Board by May 31 or May 16th School Board Meeting.