Superintendent Dr. Reza Namin Listening Tour

I plan to visit each school and spend the entire day visiting the classes and have the opportunity to listen to our students, teachers, and staff. This will be followed by an evening meeting with the parents and each community to share my 100-day report, our incoming strategic planning, and our vision for a Transformational Change of the M.S.A.D 49 into a high performing school. 

Each Parent/Community meeting will take place at the school and  at 6:00 P.M.

I hope that you can join us. 

Thank You,
Dr. Reza Namin

Below please find the schedule of my listening tour:

  • Monday, January 7 – Benton Elementary School
  • Tuesday, January 8- Fairfield Primary School
  • Wednesday, January 9- Clinton Elementary School (Moved to Tuesday January 15)
  • Thursday, January 10- Albion Elementary School
  • Friday, January 11- Lawrence High School
  • Monday, January 14- Junior High School


Dr. Reza Namin
        Dr. Reza Namin

I am very thankful and appreciate the opportunity to work as the new Superintendent of Maine School Administrative District 49 and working together to educate and serve the children of the Maine School Administrative District 49. I thank you for your warm welcome and the many insights you and others have already provided throughout this year.

I believe that 
we have an ethical responsibility to assist all students in realizing their full potential. Educators must manage fundamental changes to the core functions of teaching and learning. The community must demonstrate the will to support quality education through an appropriate and adequate investment in our children. Our approach to galvanizing all members of the organization for improved student achievement is a systems approach, where every area of the school division is interrelated and functions in unity for a singular purpose. We will have a shared vision, personal commitment to excellence, and dedication to lifelong learning. We are creating “Communities Committed to Learning,” where children and adults, individually and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce the results that are important to us. 

Dr. Reza Namin, Ph.D., CAGS, MEd
Superintendent of Schools
Maine School Administrative District 49

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