Here are the forms/resources that you will need for professional renewal. All teachers under a Professional Certification need to renew every 5 years. In order to renew, teachers must complete a minimum of 90 hours of professional development which must be pre-approved (If it is taught within our district pre-approval isn't necessary.) You must also complete a Professional Renewal Plan (PRP) which basically outlines how you will complete your 90 hours. This form can be found below.

Please notice that we've developed an online registration for courses, workshops, and webinars. This will replace the paper submission to a certification team member. Don't forget to turn in your documentation after your course or workshop. Many webinars don't provide certificates, so please be prepared to share your notes and time as documentation. At the end of each year, you will receive a list of your approvals including whether or not documentation was received. This should help you keep track of how many hours you have earned.

As always, please remember that you still must submit for approval through your building administrator and superintendent for professional leave and reimbursement purposes. These are two separate processes and must be submitted separately.

  • Workshop/Course Approval Form — New online registration for course and workshop approval

  • MSAD PRP — Professional Development Form - Must be turned in prior to certification renewal every 5 years. You must make a copy of this file to edit it. (Go to FILE and then down to MAKE A COPY.)

  • MSAD project approval — You must make a copy of this file to edit it. (Go to FILE and then down to MAKE A COPY.)