Roberta Hersom
Superintendent of Schools
Patricia Watts
Assistant Superintendent
Jeanine Brown
Administrative Assistant - Superintendent's Office
Amy McDaniel
Special Education Director
Special Ed.
Darcy York
Administrative Assistant Special Education
Dan Bowers
Lawrence High School Principal
District Admin.
Brian Jones
Lawrence High School Assistant Principal
Sean Boynton
Lawrence Junior High Principal
Laura Reynolds
Lawrence Junior High Assistant Principal
Lori Lee
Albion Elementary & Fairfield Primary Principal
Cathy Gordon
Clinton Elementary Principal
Brian Wedge
Benton Elementary Principal
Pamela Blais
Benton Elementary Assistant Principal
Lori Faulkner
Director of Technology and Accountability
Technology Dept.
Tara Thompson
Director of Business & Finance
Scott Washburn
Director of Operations and Transportation
Dan Chamberlain
Director - Food Services
Laura Parker
Payroll Specialist
Amber LaFrance
Human Resources Specialist
Business Office
Yvonne Gordon
Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist