It is the MSAD 49’s policy that medications are given at home whenever it is medically feasible. This policy was developed with the safety of your child in mind. If medication is necessary the following policy must be followed:

1. Medication will be sent in the original bottle.

2. Written instructions with the following information:
a. Name of child
b. Name of medication
c. Reason for medication
d. Dosage
e. Time to be administered
f. Possible side effects
g. Termination date of the medication

3. Parents will provide a signed informed consent. Click here to download the medication consent form.

4. Parents will provide a signed informed consent from the prescribing physician if needed.

5. Parents must bring medication to the health office.

6. Parents will be responsible for informing the school nurse of any medication change.

7. Medication will be stored in a secure space in the health room. In some cases, when a student is considered by the parent, the school nurse and the physician to be responsible, he/she may be given permission to carry their own emergency medications. This includes inhalers and Epi-Pens. See the back side of the medication consent form.

Note: All attempts will be made to administer medication within thirty minutes of the scheduled time. Parents will be notified of any deviation to this schedule. In the absence of a school nurse, a trained staff member will administer your child’s medication.

If you have any questions, please contact your School Nurse.