New School  Construction Update

Dear MSAD 49 Community,

As you may have noticed on the Benton Neck Road, earthwork has begun for the drive that will lead to our District’s New Elementary School!  Since the October 2019 phone call from Maine Department of Education’s Commissioner Makin and notice of the State Board of Education’s Approved Projects List the following day, we have been developing our plan for this state-funded facility. The new school will serve grades 3-6 district students from Albion, Benton, Clinton and Fairfield.  The existing Benton school will serve District Pr-K through grade 2 students as well as child care for three year olds.  The site will be home to an 81,322 sf building and will house state of the art classrooms and facilities including a library media learning commons, life skills and day treatment center, health center, music rooms, gymnasium and cafeteria with a performing arts space joining the two.  This project will not only bring operational efficiencies to the District, but most importantly will improve educational opportunities and equitable access to programming—the children of MSAD 49 will have the quality experience and support that they fully deserve, and our staff will have far more adequate resources to improve outcomes for our students.   The foundation work is scheduled to begin in March, with the building up and fully enclosed by December 2024, and occupancy slated for December 2025.


Roberta Hersom

Superintendent of Schools