Support a New State-Funded  Elementary School

Dear MSAD 49 Community~

 We ask for your support for a state-subsidized  elementary school.  A YES vote on Question 1 approves a new grades 3-6 school, fully paid for by state funding.  A YES vote on Question 2 approves an expanded gymnasium for community use—this extra square footage and expanded bleacher seating is the only local portion of the entire project. The State of Maine is offering our community a solution to the district's aging buildings—if rejected, another school district will get a new school instead of MSAD 49. Our children deserve a state of the art facility that is designed for the programming and services schools offer.

 Over the last two years, we have worked through a rigorous review process with the Maine Department of Education School Construction team. On September 14 the State Board of Education approved the project concept design and set their budget for full subsidy (Question 1 on referendum). MSAD 49 is so fortunate to be selected for this state-funded school construction project—of the 74 schools on the list, our’s is #1, which also means that we are identified at the highest priority of need. The State is assisting with a comprehensive approach to elementary education, which will allow our district to sustain vital programs and services, while relieving tax payers of the costs of maintaining aging elementary facilities. 

 The consolidated Benton campus will house several programs, including child care, universal PreK, special education services, before and after school child care programs, CDS services, health services, all on the Benton Campus.  Efficiencies gained with a campus approach, ease of pick-up and drop off for parents, adequate parking, community use of the facility after school hours, and improved safety, including pedestrian traffic are among the many advantages of the project.  

 A new elementary school will be a tremendous asset to our school community and will ensure MSAD 49’s viability and capacity to serve our children for decades to come.

 Please vote on Tuesday, November 8! 

 Thank you for your support of our students.


 Roberta Hersom

Superintendent of Schools