Albion fifth-graders and the teacher Ms.Lauren Conohan has submitted a proposal to the Maine Department of Education to be considered for a spot to present at this year's "Maine Learning Technology Initiative Student Conference. Here is the link:
over 2 years ago, Dr. Reza Namin
Create, Innovate, Educate!
MSAD#49 has launched an Online Bullying Reporting Program called Optania. This online program allows students, parents and others to report allegations of bullying 24/7. Check out the demonstration at:
over 2 years ago, Dr. Reza Namin
LJHS now has a Facebook Page. Follow to get school updates and news.
over 2 years ago, Rebecca Anderson
Lawrence Junior High has joined the "Hero Squad"! Mrs. Easler's, Mrs. White's, and Mrs. Lapierre's homerooms are working to "Change Cancer". Spare change will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help teens undergoing cancer treatment. Last year we raised $550, our goal is $600. Please send your spare change in with your child to their homeroom collection box or bring it with you to Parent/Teacher Conferences. Thank you!
over 2 years ago, Lawrence Junior High
Clinton Elementary is experiencing a telecommunication issue. Time Warner is working to get the issue resolved. In the meantime if you need to get in touch with the school you can dial 453-4200 and press 4 for the business office. They will get messages to the school.
over 2 years ago, Clinton Elementary School
Clinton Elementary is experiencing technical difficulties this morning. Time Warner is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. This is effecting their phones as well. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this issue resolved asap.
over 2 years ago, Lori
March 6th & 7th Lawrence High School Parent Teacher Conferences sign up.
over 2 years ago, Lori
I plan to visit each school and spend the entire day visiting the classes and have the opportunity to listen to our students, teachers, and staff.
almost 3 years ago, Dr. Reza Namin
Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide each student with learning opportunities through a variety of activities and a curriculum that is intensive and challenging.
almost 3 years ago, Lori Faulkner
The M.S.A.D. #49 community believes that all students can learn.
almost 3 years ago, Lori Faulkner